• About Us

    We keep it simple.

    Our main goals are to make our Clients Happy, our Audiences Satisfied, and our Mommas Proud!

    Flydra Creative is a passion driven animation studio.



    Let's Create Together!

    Every project for us is a passion project. We take ideas and not only create them, but turn them into a story for the whole world to see.


    We Do it All!

    We have an 8 step process that includes the necessary components to bring your idea and story to life.


    Let's Make It!

    Communication is one of our key components. We make animations the way you want and make sure it targets the audience that needs to be targeted, Guaranteed!

    Flydra in the Community

    It's Not Only About Us!

    Our stories are heard around the world! From the content we create, to inspiring others to create great stories of their own.

  • Meet the Team

    The only way to provide top-notch animation is with a top-notch team!

    Jabril Mack

    Founder, President

    Jabril is an award winning animator! He has Award-Winning cartoons that have been screened all over the world! One of his highest awards is winning the Nickelodeon Greater Creator Contest in Highschool!

    Brandyn Chambers

    Founder, Chief of Operations

    Brandyn was a D1 College Basketball athlete with a degree in Finance/Business Administration! He has won notorious rewards pitching for Flydra Creative and is always invited to give inspiring speeches to kids all over the nation!

    J.T. Hagaman

    Founder, Animation Guru

    JT is a stop motion and 3D animator, who has been animating since he was fourteen! He has worked for many big projects such as Call of Duty! He also has a YouTube channel with over 10 million views!

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